Brand New Fibre Laser and Waterjet Machines

WEC Group’s investment in the brand new Fibre laser machine and state-of-the-art waterjet machine has significantly improved our capabilities, allowing us to continue with our ambitious expansion plans.

The £500,000 waterjet machine has a 7.3m x 2m bed, a much larger version of our existing kit. The machine was commissioned in March and is being used to cater for our ever increasing demand of work as it has the capability to cut up to 200mm thickness for any material and can also cut a 3mm diameter hole in 100mm thick material.

As a result of our recent partnership deal with mtl advanced, we now house four waterjet machines in total. The largest waterjet machine we have available at the mtl advanced site has the capability of cutting materials 20m long x 3.2m wide x 20mm thick.

WEC Waterjet is currently tendering for a number of aerospace contracts as the division recently gained the AS 9100 accreditation and the new waterjet machine.

The brand new Fibre laser machine has been commissioned at our state-of-the-art laser cutting factory in Darwen, Lancashire. The high performance CO2 cutting optics guarantee the best quality sheet metal parts of all thicknesses and consistent quality throughout.

As it is one of the world’s most efficient CO2 laser machines, the non-productive time is minimised and consumption is reduced by more than 9,000 kW per year as a result of the enhanced cooling system.

The Fibre laser boasts an automatic loading system which means overhead cranes are now free to use for other tasks, improving WEC Laser’s productivity, efficiency and lead times overall.

To discuss your laser cutting requirements, please contact us on:
T: 01254 700 201