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Laser Engineering was established in 1998 when WEC Group decided to invest in the latest technological developments of the time and purchased their first laser cutting machine to support their growing fabrication operation. The capacity of this first laser cutter was soon reached and a second machine was quickly purchased, enabling the firm to provide a sub-contract laser cutting service externally.

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Recognising that the technological requirements of the industry are ever increasing, Laser Engineering has continuously invested in the latest laser cutting technology available in today's market. Since 2015, WEC Group has invested over £11 million in capital equipment and manufacturing facilities, which includes state-of-the-art auomated laser cutting technology.

With 21 flat-bed laser cutting machines available in-house, we have the capability to cut components up to 30mm thick in stainless and mild steel and 20mm aluminium with a bed size of up to 20m x 3.2m using numerous laser machines. WEC Laser is now also able to laser cut brass and copper up to 10mm thickness.

Our 2D laser system uses flying optics which enables the machine to cut metal to very tight tolerances on large components; +/-0.1mm generally. Information can be received electronically, scanned or just simply drawn to your requirements. Small to large batch quantities of complex laser cut shapes can be achieved at cost-effective prices. We can process customer enquiries in any format, be it DXF, CAD/CAM, or hand drawn. Our experienced design team will bring your product to life, regardless of how complex it is.

Laser Engineering benefits from 24 press brakes that have the capability to fold up to 4.2m long using our 250 tonne brake press. Laser Engineering was also one of the first companies in the UK to invest in Laser Tube Cutting technology, and we have recently taken receipt of our second tube cutting machine, substantially increasing our available capacity. This new laser tube cutting machine has enabled us to offer our customers new opportunities, quicker turn-around and more cost-effective laser cutting solutions for tube cutting, box cutting and angle section.

The company has made substantial investments in Fibre laser cutting technology, with now four fibre laser cutting machines available in-house. The new, fully automated Trumpf Fibre laser has noticeably faster cycle times, leading to reduced set-up times, increased productivity and ultimately cost-reduction for the customer. The Fibre lasers are able to laser cut thicker material; up to 30mm in stainless steel, 25mm in mild steel and 20mm in aluminium.

The capacity at 5750 Components, Laser Engineering's sister company in Liverpool, has also benefited from recent investments, having moved from 2 to 3 flat beds and a new single-head laser. This has led to an increase in capacity and the move from a two shift system to three, enabling us to respond quickly to all our customers' laser cutting needs.

Our most recent partnership deal with HTA Group also enables us to offer a CNC punching service up to 3000mm x 1250mm with embossing, forming, countersinking, thread forming, and engraving capability.
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