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Laser Tube Cutting

Laser Tube Cutting company
Instantly Reduce your Laser Tube Cutting Costs!
Over the past few years, WEC Laser have made massive investments to add the latest Laser Tube Cutting and Box Section laser cutting machines to their existing laser cutting line-up.

laser tube cutting
With two state-of-the-art tube laser cutting machines working around the clock, WEC Laser can offer laser cutting of tube, box and most open profiles such as angle and channel with a RotoLas capability that enables laser tube cutting and laser box section cutting up to a maximum envelope size of 370mm diameter, 3m length and 12.5mm thick.

Our tube laser cutting machines can cut tubes and profiles with large diameters and wall thicknesses without sacrificing productivity no matter how complex it might be and can laser cut tubes from 8.5 meters long with a diameter of up to 220mm for tube and 200mm for box section. A wall thickness of 12mm can be easily achieved for mild steel.

Our tube laser cutters produce the greatest cutting speed and piece part times available on the market across a large range of thicknesses and diameters. The loading capability is fully automatic with a capability of handling 6 tonne bundles at a time.

Laser cut tubes and boxes are ideal for general fabrication companies, as the laser cutting process removes the need for second operations such as sawing, punching and drilling, instantly generating huge savings in manufacturing costs.

The laser tube cutting machine even cuts complex contours effortlessly and without actually touching the tube producing a scratch free component. Due to the high edge quality of our laser cut tubes, there is virtually no refinishing required.

Compared to conventional processes such as sawing, drilling or milling, our tube laser cutting service enables you to increase productivity, therefore REDUCING COSTS and LEAD TIMES for all your laser cut parts.

"Compared to conventional processes such as sawing, drilling or milling, our customers can be assured of high productivity - reducing costs and lead times"
- Wayne Wild, WEC Laser General Manager

Tube and box laser cutting can process very complex shapes enabling the customer to receive very highly complex and accurate shapes at a fraction of normal fabrication costs. Metal laser cutting is the future of metal fabrication, cost reduction and quality enhancement techniques.

Our laser tube cutting machines complement our Flat Bed Laser Cutting capacity which includes 7 machines which laser cut sheets and plates up to 4m x 2m and 30mm thick.

Download our full Laser Cutting Capacity List, or for further information and to discuss your personal requirements please contact our highly experienced sales team on Tel: 01254 700201, Email:
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Tube Cutting Services
Tube Cutting Capability:
Tube Ø up to 220mm
Box Ø up to 200x200mm
Max. length in: 8.5m
Max. length out: 6m

Thicknesses of...
Mild Steel: 12mm
Stainless Steel: 8mm
Aluminium: 3mm

RotoLas Capability:
Tube Ø up to 370mm
Box Ø up to 260x260mm
Max. length in: 8.5m
Max. length out: 3m

Thicknesses of...
Mild Steel: 12.5mm
Stainless Steel: 8mm
Aluminium: 5mm

Download our latest Capacity List:

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